Davy Jones Enterprise, a San Francisco City & County licensed medical cannabis delivery service was established to fund Prostate Cancer Resource free PSA blood screening program for the detection of prostate cancer for the under-served population in San Francisco.

Prostate Cancer Resource, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization was founded 14 years ago to combat prostate cancer amongst poor men over 45 years without access to medical facility or a physician. Please visit

Due to the state and city budget crisis, Prostate Cancer Resource was unable to obtain funding to continue its free screening program and was facing closure.

Your purchase will go towards restoring the only free PSA blood test screening service in San Francisco and help reduce the high prostate cancer mortality rate.

Our cannabis is grown in Mendocino County and is Clean Green Certified.We offer the lowest prices in San francisco.

All documentations are available upon request.

Thank you for supporting this worthy cause